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In 2004, the median price of a For Sale By Owner - sold home was 15.4% lower,
when compared to the price of agent-sold homes. Thus, people who want to
save money by not having an agent are actually losing money, not saving it.

After all, it is what  you GET, or NET, that counts when selling a home; not what
you SAVE. Blue Fence can show your home to more people and thus often have
people competing for your home, which ups the price.

  • Over 79% of home buyers start their home search online
  • 6.6 million unique users visit® each month
  • Blue Fence has an online network of over 200 web sites
  • 84% of consumers want multiple photos and detailed information*
  • Homes with photos are viewed 299% more!*
  • Every Blue Fence listing receives their own listing
  • Internet buyers have an income 24% higher and spend 32% more on
    their homes.*
  • Buyers are nearly 5 times more likely to find the home they purchase
    online rather than in the newspaper.
  • Exposure online is never closed 24/7 access
  • One main reason why people choose to sell by owner; "We like to know
    whats going on." - Blue Fence provides weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly
    (sellers choice) communications with not only showing feedback but also
    statistics on online and advertising exposure.
  • Most all properties sold by owner do not have virtual tours. Blue Fence
    provides a virtual tour for every listing.
  • By using a Blue Fence agent, your listing will be automatically emailed to
    prospective buyers looking for the same criteria.
  • What is the value for having over 60,000 real estate professionals trying
    to sell your property!
  • Do you have access to digital camera, graphics computer programs,
    color printers to make full color brochures and place pictures online?
        *2005 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

Many pitfalls await For Sale By Owners sellers today:

  • A bewildering array of complexities and arcane paperwork is required.
  • Your liability is greatly increased if something was not disclosed
  • It requires a tremendous amount of time to sell a home yourself; you are
    almost always on call.
  • Do you really know who is coming into your home for the viewing?
    Property and personal bodily risk are greatly increased.

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