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Since you have foreclosure proceedings started against you, you will receive a flood of mail offering quick fixes
and advice.  You should be warned about this mail and discard it all.  Typically, scams involve offers to refinance
(at an exorbitant interest rate or with hidden fees) and offers to buy the property, pay off the mortgage and resell
the property to you, usually at an inflated price or on terms guaranteed to cause default.

Foreclosure Scams

There are numerous many mortgage scams.  Anyone who is foreclosed will receive 30 to 80 pieces of "vulture"
mail which offers a variety of advice.  You should beware of these solutions and use approved credit counseling
agencies instead.

EXAMPLE: Caller tells you that you have excellent credit and can get a mortgage on the property. They will allow
you to deed the property over to them, and lease it back to you.  Of course they own the property then and you
would be evicted.
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